Tahitian Ukulele
Tahitian Ukulele
Tahitian Ukulele
Tahitian Ukulele

Tahitian Ukulele

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Tahitian 8 string ukuleles are a variation of the Hawaiian ukulele, which was adapted from the Portuguese cavaquinho.

First developed in Tahiti, they have gradually spread to other parts of Polynesia and are now the backbone of music in Tahiti, Cook Islands, Rapa Nui, Niue and Marquesas.

They also go by different names such as Tahitian banjos, Polynesian ukes, Island ukes or just Ukarere 

Tuned GCEA, the two middle courses of fishing line string are tuned an octave higher than Hawaiian ukes; the sound produced is higher and usually played with faster strumming patterns to suit the rhythms of eastern Polynesian music.

The body, including the head and neck, is usually carved from a single piece of wood. A hole is carved for a sound box and the front is covered with a thin piece of hardwood to form the soundboard.

Available in Soprano and Concert sizes in variety of designs.

Instruments are made to order.

Contact me before ordering to discuss final ukulele build Options and available build start dates.

I usually have finished instruments available. Contact me, or see the currently available page, for more details.

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